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Hi There! I’m Wout, I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), where I’m writing a dissertation in the field of Digital Humanities, more specifically about the relation between Digital Scholarly Editing and Genetic Criticism, taking the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project (BDMP) we are developing at the Centre for Manuscript Genetics as a case study. You can find out more about the BDMP on this website’s DH Projects page.

I’ve been wanting to start a personal blog about my DH research for some time now, but never got round to it while I was still writing my dissertation. Now that I’ve handed it in and have a little more time while it’s being assessed, I thought I’d take the opportunity and put my local WordPress installation online at last. I’ve used WordPress for some other projects (like the Lexicon of Scholarly Editing and the BDMP Encoding Manual — also on the DH Projects page), and used their ‘news’ sections to write about their individual development. But I wanted to put all that information together in a single place where I could write about other DH stuff I’m involved in too. So that’s where Bytes & Bikes comes in.

But like the site’s title suggests, this blog isn’t all work — it’s play too. Besides playing around with editing, coding and web development (the Bytes), I also want to write about other stuff I’m interested in. And at the moment that’s mainly cycling (the Bikes), and cooking (the Bites). For the cooking part, I already have a head-start. A few years back a couple of friends started a Dutch cooking blog titled Colleagues and Cooks, for which I’d written a couple of guest posts (mostly on burgers). So I translated those into English, and put them on this website too. The cycling part on the other hand is all new. It’s a recent hobby of mine that I’m really enjoying (even if it can be a little frustrating sometimes when your equipment fails you — but more about that in the blogs). You can find the first Bikes post (in which I introduce my bikes) here, and more will follow about my trips, bike maintenance, upgrades, etc.

That’s it I think — the rest you’ll have to read in the blogs. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!

28 October 2015

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